Jara is chosen to be screened at Kinneret Festival for Nature and Travel Film a.k.a. Galilee Film Festival 2020. The festival takes place at beautiful surroundings of Sea of Galilee, in Israel, 6-9.02.2020.

There are two screenings of Jara planned in the frame of festival. The first screening will take place at 14:00, on 8th of February and the second one at 16:15, at 9th of February, at Beit Gabriel Theater. The interested audience can already purchase the tickets for 35NIS, that is about 10USD. After the screenings the audience will have an opportunity to meet the director of the film, Nika Tsiklauri, who is specially invited for Q&A session by the festival organizers.

The KIFF becomes a cultural attraction not only for the residents of the region but for nature and travel enthusiasts in Israel and around the world through a quality film profile and selected creators celebrating cultural diversity. The festival logo is the butterfly and the founders of the festival explain themselves, just like their logo, they seek to bring beauty, color, joy and love to the environment. The main aim of KIFF is to connec culture and tourism, generate new ideas, break boundaries and strengthen the community’s connection to nature.