Filming location: Chirukhi

If you are interested in still untouched, wild nature,

If you believe that the boundary between human habitat and wild nature can vanish,

If you want to see how ancient traditions of bee-keeping and falconry survive alongside modern life,

If you want to get acquainted with people, who live in inaccessible gorges and alpine villages and for whom nature is not just resource but wealth to take care of,

If you want to spend several days or hours together with these people, try their everyday activities, taste local honey and dairy products, see unique species of animals and plants, which you cannot meet elsewhere, observe how thousands of unique birds fly just over your head,

If rucksack and tent is enough for you to travel and if you are interested in the Ajarian reality,

Follow the way of Jara:


Filming locations: Merisi, Dandalo, Chirukhi gorge, Dgvani gorge, Didachara, Khulo.