November 2019

Jara will be screened at Malatya International Film Festival 2019

Fairy-tale documentary Jara will be screened at Malatya International Film Festival 2019. The festival is held on 14-19th of November in the city of Malatya, Turkey. The screening of Jara will take place on 18th of November in the frame of international panorama. The festival is attended by the Director of Photography of the film, Giorgi Vatsadze, from Georgia. MIFF gathers [...]

August 2018

Jara is selected for Panorama Program of BIFED 2018

Jara is selected for Panorama Program of Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary 2018. The festival takes place between 10-14 Octomber, in Bozcaada, Turkey. As the organizers say festival creates a new reason to produce and introduce films and any other work of art that concentrate on the world’s problems and riches, and pioneers the [...]